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Misal Romano #63/13

Altar Edition / Edicion para el Altar
Misal Romano #63/13
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On May 1, 2018, Catholic Book will publish the Misal Romano, the first Spanish language translation of the Roman Missal approved for use in the United States by the USCCB and confirmed by the Apostolic See.

The Misal Romano will be available in two editions. Staying true to our commitment of more than 107 years of publishing excellence, our editions of the Misal Romano are formatted nearly page for page as our editions of the Roman Missal. Users of our Roman Missal will feel at home with the familiar typesetting and layout. Each beautiful book will feature 43 attached durable and functional tabs to facilitate use by the celebrant.

The Deluxe Genuine Leather Altar Edition is bound by master craftsmen with a beautiful high-quality leather-wrapped hard cover.

Featuring large, easy-to-read type that celebrants have come to know and trust from Catholic Book Publishing, the specially produced acid-neutral cream paper ensures opacity and consistency of the highest degree, without adding unnecessary bulk and weight.

The Misal Romano is now in stock and ready for shipping. The new translation may be used beginning with the Vigil of Pentecost and must be used beginning on the First Sunday of Advent.

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